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TreeKote Tree Wound Dressing

12 oz. Aerosol Can - 1 lb.

Part Number: CLAP 00212


1 Quart Tub - 2.3 lb.

Part Number: CLAP 00132


1 Gallon Pail

Part Number: CLAP 00128


5 Gallon Pail - 45 lbs.

Part Number: CLAP 00640

  • TreeKote Tree Wound Dressing in Aerosol Can

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  • TreeKote Tree Wound Dressing in Aerosol Can

Quick Overview

All-purpose tree wound dressing. Asphalt emulsion protects against disease and insects. In aerosol or brush on.

Additional Information

Manufacturer W.E. Clark & Son


From Walter E. Clark and Sons

Note: This product cannot be allowed to freeze. We regret that we cannot ship when there is a danger of freezing in transit. We are located in Massachusetts and may experience cold temperatures longer than in other parts of the country.  If the temperatures are too cold to ship, you will be contacted and given the following options: 1) Ship the entire order when the weather cooperates, 2) Ship a partial order immediately and the Grafting Seal when there is no freezing danger, or 3) Remove this item from your order. Please consider ordering in the summer or fall so you will have plenty on hand for your late winter/early spring grafting work.

Treekote™ Tree Wound Dressing is an asphalt based emulsion formulated to protect trees after pruning or accidental damage. When applied to pruned or damaged areas Treekote™ gives the job a neat, "finished" appearance while helping protect the exposed area from insects and fungi, which can cause disease and decay.

Treekote™ is applied with a stiff brush or a putty knife. It remains flexible after drying and withstands all kinds of weather. Unlike a lot of other coatings on the market, which are asphaltum -- a liquid asphalt which can actually harm the cambium tissue -- Treekote™ is an asphalt emulsion which is water soluble and will not harm the tree. It can even be used to seal tree grafts, making it the most versatile tree wound dressing on the market today.

  • Protects your shrubs, bushes, vines & trees from decay, insects and fungi. Apply to fresh pruned areas.
  • Shields tree wounds. Withstands all weather: hot, cold, wet & dry
  • For patching damaged areas of trees & shrubs
  • For use in tree surgery
  • For propagating orchids
  • Useful for sealing grafts

From the Manufacturer -- About Tree Wound Dressings.