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Rears Sprayers

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  • Rears Airblast Sprayers

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Rears Pak-Blast Sprayer

Rears Airblast Orchard Sprayers

Rears manufactures a wide array of sprayers for nearly every application: The Pak-Blast is popular with small-scale growers and operations where space is limited; Rear's Pul-Blast sprayer is a versatile unit, with a wide variety of tank sizes and options for small to medium-size growers; PowerBlast sprayers provide the highest capacity in terms of volume and power, and are available with many specialized options for Vineyard and Orchard spraying. Organic Growers: All Rear's Airblast Sprayers feature mechanical agitation, great for kaolin applications!

Rears Nifty Series Utility Sprayer

Rears Nifty Utility Sprayers

Available in trailer and skid models, the Rears Nifty Series Utility Sprayer is compact and mobile enough to go anywhere, with a variety of options to fit most applications. Tanks are stainless steel, and come in 25, 50, and 100 gallon capacity. Nifty Spray tanks feature mechanical agitation, great for organic spraying! Trailers are available with boat or turf style trailer tires, and all sprayer models have Honda engines and diaphragm pumps, for a long life and low maintenance.

Rears Pak-Tank Sprayers

Rears Pak-Tank Sprayers

One of our best-sellers, Rears Pak-Tanks come standard with stainless steel tanks, mechanical agitation, PTO shaft-driven diaphragm pumps and sway chains. With a wide selection of booms, guns, and hose, Pak-Tanks are an excellent option for Christmas Tree and Small Fruit growers, as well as general row-crop spraying!

Rears Skid Sprayer

Rears Commercial Skid Sprayers

Rears produces a wide range of Commercial Skid Spraying Units built to fit even the most demanding types of applications. Available in 50-1000 Gallon Stainless Steel single or multiple tank units, all Sprayers feature mechanical agitation and are fully customizable by our knowledgeable staff. Pumps and engine options are available on up to 60GPM and 700PSI. From the back of a pickup or tractor to multi-tank operations, we can configure the Sprayer to meet your needs!

Rears Skid Sprayer

Rears Spray Booms

Suitable for an array of agricultural and commercial spray applications, Rears Spray Boom units come complete with a stainless steel tank in your choice of 3PT Hitch or Trailer setup and a PTO-driven Diaphragm Pump. Tanks are available in 50 - 1000 Gallon capacities and feature mechanical agitation, with stainless wet boom pipes for steel framed booms. Available with hydraulic or manual boom fold and lift options. Call us today for your personalized quote!