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Rears Pak-Tank Sprayers

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Rears Pak-Tank Rears with OWB on JD950

Rears Pak-Tank

Skid-Mounted Rears Pak-Tank

Adaptable to almost any job, it's no wonder that the Rears Pak-Tank is one of our best-selling sprayer models. Pak-Tanks come standard with stainless steel tanks, mechanical agitation, PTO shaft driven diaphragm pumps and sway chains, but that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Pak-Tank with optional Hoods

The Pak-Tank is a 3PT Mount Utility Sprayer, however options are available for side, front, and skid-mounting this unit for a complete range of applications. Available in 100-300 gallon capacities, the Pak-Tank works great in conjunction with a wide selection of booms, guns, and hose.

Download a Rears Pak-Tank Brochure

The durability of Rears Pak-Tanks is unmatched, with 304 grade stainless steel unitized construction and a variety of heavy-duty integrated frames available. With volume, shape, pump and mounting customized to your specifications, the Pak-Tank can tackle just about any task with ease and flexibility. Call us today for a personalized quote!