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UV Cider Processors

The CiderSure UV cider processing machine was brought to market in 1998. The machine was a refinement of technology tested by Cornell University's Dept. of Food Science Prof Randy Worobo and co-developed with Patrick Borelli and Phil Hartman of Rochester NY-based FPE. Since that time hundreds of CiderSure machines have been sold to cider producers seeking an alternative to conventional pasteurization methods. CiderSure's UV technology has proven itself to be safe and cost-effective, reducing harmful bacteria to sub-critical levels and leaving the sweet, complex flavors of the cider intact. OESCO has been proud to be a part of CiderSure's marketing and development and we are pleased to continue providing sales and service for FPE-Complemar's CiderSure for the Eastern portion of the United States and Canada.

Fluid Systems

CiderSure Flow Connectors
  • CiderSure has five models that process between 25 and 600 GPH.
  • All contact materials are 304 stainless, quartz or food-grade tubing.
  • Inlet is 1 in. camlock; outlet is 3/4 in. camlock.


  • Computer controlled
  • Fully-automatic push button operation
  • Clean and process cycles
  • Automatically detects lamp failure, pump failure, sensor failure, low supply tank level
  • Unit stops when there is a detection of any fault preventing continued flow of raw cider


  • Eight germicidal Ultra Violet Lamps


  • Meets requirements for CIP standards
  • Automatic internal cleaning cycle
  • Exterior can be hosed down

In all, there are four UV cider processing machines available, from the 25 GPH CiderSure 2500, aka the "Mini", to the newly introduced Model 6500, capable of processing up to 600 gallons per hour. You will find each of the machines listed below with its current price. Note that we list these machines along with their prices for informational purposes, only. If you are interested in a CiderSure machine, please give us a call rather than attempting to purchase one online. Machines are available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis. When you call, we will be able to give you updated information as to availability and we will also happily provide you with a freight quote to your destination, if that is needed.

If you have questions regarding the UV process and the workings of the CiderSure machines, we urge you to call us at 800-634-5557, 8AM to 5 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

CiderSure UV Cider Processor
  • Low Power Consumption: All models use 120 VAC, 1000 watts & include GFI Protection
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Light weight: Weighs only 150 lbs.
  • Compact: 3500 and 5500 models take up only 4 ft. sq. of floor space
  • Effective: Meets FDA requirements for elimination of E. Coli bacteria. Controls cryptosporidium and salmonella
  • Meets 21 CFR 179.39 Requirements
CiderSure Machine, Cabinet Internals, Back CiderSure Machine, Cabinet Internals, Front
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