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SPEDO Potato Diggers & Planters

SPEDO Potato Planting and Harvesting Equipment

The "Baby" Planter

Automatic 3PT Hitch Potato Planter

Plant quickly, easily and efficiently with the Baby, from SPEDO and OESCO!

Imported directly from Italy, the SPEDO "Baby" planter is designed for small to medium-sized plots. Featuring easily adjusted planting distances of 10 to 16 inches, the plowshare in front creates an adjustable-depth furrow while a chain-driven cup conveyor pulls tubers from the hopper and settles them in uniform rows. The attached rotating discs do the rest of the work, evenly hilling rows behind the machine as you progress.

The Baby can attach quickly and easily to any 3PT Hitch, making it perfect for growers large or small!

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Width80cm / 32in
Length90cm / 36in
Height109cm / 50in
Weight94kg / 208lb
Capacity50kg / 110lbs
Planting Distances25-30-35-40 (cm)
10-12-14-16 (inches)

*Pricing includes factory freight

Baby 3PT Potato Planter

The Automatic Potato Harvester

3PT Model for Compact Tractors

Get them up and out easier than ever with the Automatic Potato Digger, from SPEDO and OESCO!

Built for maximum efficiency, this model is designed for compact tractors with a 3PT Hitch and PTO package. The adjustable-depth front end plowshare and vibrating sieve have been expertly designed to get the job done, with anti-vibration rubber bushings providing extra comfort and stability while working.

Download a Spec Sheet

Width90cm / 36in
Length130cm / 51in
Height85cm / 34in
Weight115kg / 254lb
Plowshare Width48cm / 19in
Daily Capacity1 - 1.2 hectares
2.5 - 3 acres

*Pricing includes factory freight

SPEDO Potato Harvester - 3PT Hitch Attachment