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Orec Brush Cutters & Mowers

The Orec Brush Rover 2WD/4WD, brought to you by OESCO, Inc!

Brush Rover 2WD/4WD

Orec’s RM98 & RMF982 model riding brush mower, The Brush Rover, will make brush clearing fun and easy! With two flail blades on either end of the center blade and a rock-solid spindle, you can take down woody material, tall grass and thick brush. You’ll get that Go-Cart driving feeling as you take down brush, and you take that brush down quickly, easily and with little physical strain.

EngineVanguard 21HP
Cutting Width38.4"
SpeedsVariable (HST)
Cutting Height2‐4.7"3‐6"
Weight690 lbs.820 lbs.
Dimensions79"L x 42"W x 43"H81"L x 42"W x 46"H

Many professionals attempt to cut brush using an ordinary riding lawn mower. As they quickly learn, these riding lawn mowers are not designed for rough use. As a consequence for taking on hearty brush and thick, tall grass, ordinary mowers easily receive belt breaks and damage to its spindle. Orec's engineers know how tough brush cutting can be on outdoor power equipment, and have therefore added extra reinforcement to minimize damage to the Brush Rover through its innovative design. In addition, the Brush Rover’s low center of gravity and locking differential feature makes this riding brush mower easy to operate, even when tackling slopes.

The Orec Samurai Brush Cutter, brought to you by OESCO, Inc.!

Samurai Brush Cutter

EngineHonda GXV340
Cutting Width27.5"
SpeedsVariable (HST)
Cutting Height2.3‐4.5"
Weight305 lbs.
Dimensions91"L x 34"W x 42"H

Orec’s SH72H Samurai Mower, Walk Behind Brush Cutter will slash all types of brush including tall grass, weeds and even small saplings. Used by professionals across many industries from landscaping and parks maintenance to organic farming and vineyard management, the Samurai has become a staple among outdoor professionals from its one-of-a-kind, user-friendly design.

The Hydro version of the Samurai Mower features a variable speed lever that makes it the easiest to use in the industry. The locking differential can get you through soggy and uneven ground, while the Samurai's unique large front wheel design is durable and makes it easy to turn it through tight corners and around obstacles. You can adjust the cutting height from two to four inches simply by turning a crank and the ergonomic design allows you to control the Samurai with ease.