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Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Vehicle

NEW! Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Vehicle

You asked, Ventrac delivered!

Introducing the new Ventrac SSV - a world class dedicated Sidewalk Snow Vehicle designed specifically for sidewalks, tight spaces and turnarounds. A first in the industry, the SSV's 36" average working width combined with a set of targeted attachment redesigns, and a few updated creature comforts make this unit ideal for both domestic and industrial snow and ice removal tasks.


The SSV comes fully loaded with features that define it as the ultimate sidewalk snow removal tool. No more need for walk-behind options - the Ventrac SSV benefits from all of the perks of larger tractor units with the compact size and agility to reach the tightest areas of any property.

Engine18.5 HP Kawasaki
Top Speed8 MPH
Machine Width34"
Drive System4x4 Skid Steer
Ground ClearanceHigh (Curb Height)

Power & Versatility

Enjoy massive improvements in both maneuverability and speed, with a full range of commercial-quality attachments redesigned and built from the ground up with your snow removal project in mind.

The current range of attachments for the SSV include:

Broom Attachment

The SSV Broom Attachment allows for quick and easy removal of light to moderate snowfall.

Broom Type21" Wafer
Working Width38"
Angled Width35"
Broom Width44"

*Reverse Rotation Kit Optional

Plow Attachment

The Ventrac SSV Plow Attachment is a powerful tool for moving any amount of heavy, thick or wet snow.

Blade TypeStraight
Blade Width42"
Angled Width36"
Cutting EdgeSteel*

*Poly Edge Optional

Mounted Brine System

The SSV Brine System is designed to safely and effectively deliver a shot of ice-destroying brine wherever you need it.

Additional ComponentsNozzles & Wand
Tank Capacity20 Gallons
Spray Pattern36-48"
Spray WandStandard

Additional Attachments

As a new addition to the Ventrac lineup, many attachments for the SSV are still in the process of update and redesign. Additional attachments, including blowers built for deep snow, and a narrow-frame drop spreader ideal for single-pass snow melt application, will be available for the 2018 winter season.

Check back with us for more information as the season approaches!