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LANCO Spreaders

One Spreader, Multiple Applications

The LANCO LS-655 has a capacity of 65 cubic feet and is designed for a maximum payload of 3 tons. The standard hydraulic drive utilizes the convenience of tractor remotes and requires only 8 gallon per minute to function at maximum capacity, saving you time getting to the field and back home.

The Model LS-655 is referred to as the 5-in-1 Super Spreader because of its versatility. The machine is designed to spread all of the basic materials handled by a farmer. This is accomplished through the ability to quickly and simply change discharge spreader attachments as the job requires.

Made in Lancaster County Pennsylvania to world class standards!

More High Quality Features Come Standard

Dual Disc Attachment for spreading lime, litter and fertilizer (banding kit available). Cross Conveyor (L or R) w/ crescent belt for spreading bark mulch, compost, sawdust and potting soil. Cross Conveyor (L & R) spreads to both sides at the same time. Beater Attachment for straw manure, leaves and wet compost. Brush Attachment for sand, bedding soil and turf top dressing.

Plus these other standard features ...

  • Heavy duty single axle
  • 11L-15 x 8-ply tires
  • 8 GPM tractor hydraulics
  • 29 in. wide conveyor
  • 667X heavy duty pintle chain, w 3/8 in. thick slats
  • Apron slats spaced every other link
  • Heavy duty no-rust, no-rot poly floor
  • 5,000 lb capacity jack stand