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Polmac Spray Components

Polmac Pro-Flow 1 Digital Flowmeter, 12V

Polmac Spray and Chemical Handling Components

Polmac has been manufacturing agricultural sprayers and spray components for more than half a century. Polmac's experience in sprayer design and construction has guided development of a line of spray components for measurement, monitoring, and management of agricultural spray chemicals. Polmac components make possible more precise application rates, greater safety of operations and more effective results.

In June 2003, Polmac was certified to be in compliance with the provisions of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (certificate no. 50 100 2968 REV 2) for production and support of spray components, accessories and machines for crop protection.

OESCO, Inc. is pleased to be the North American distributor for Polmac spray components. Polmac spray components are found on equipment from some of North America's premier suppliers of agricultural and industrial spray systems.

Polmac offers a wide range of spray components:

  • Accessories for transfer and washing of chemical product containers
  • Meters for measuring liquid amounts and amounts sprayed
  • Systems for mixing of chemical products in liquid or powder form
  • Flow switching valves for hydraulic circuits
  • Presure regulators and control valves
  • Electronic displays for monitoring the flow, speed and pressure
  • Tank rinsing nozzles and fittings
Tank Washing Nozzle Polmac Rapid Check Turbine Mixer Polmac Ball Valve

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