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Rear's Flail Mowers

Rear's Flail Mowers

Manufactured in Eugene, OR

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Rear's SPF Flail Mowing Grass

Rear's Manufacturing Flail Mowers are ruggedly built and designed to handle a range of jobs, from mowing grass to chopping orchard prunings.

The OMF-Series mowers are designed for your heaviest brush-chopping jobs and are a favorite of orchardists.

SPF-Series mowers are medium duty mowers, capable of chopping weeds or mowing grass.

The IFA-Series mowers are a somewhat heavier-duty mower for grass and light brush. Use the IFA in place of the SPF model when an extra measure of ruggedness is called for.

All Rear's Flail Mowers are made in the USA so you never have to worry about obtaining parts.

Rear's OMF-750 Flail Mowers

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The OMF 750 is Rear's super-duty flail chopper. This orchard shredder is designed to work under low hanging branches. Requires approx. 10 tractor HP per ft. of cutting width.

  • 2-3/4 lb. hard faced hammers mounted on 3/4 in. Grade 9 bolts w/ 1-1/2 in. mounting pads
  • 2.4375 in. spherical roller main bearings
  • Double-walled housing is 3/8 in. inner wall under a 3/16 in. outer wall
  • 24 in. hydraulic pantograph offset is standard equipment
  • Cutting widths from 4 ft. to 9 ft.
  • Heavy-duty (6 ft. = 2,154 lbs., 7ft. = 2,350 lbs., 8 ft. = 2, 550 lbs.)
  • Option for Push/Pull mounting
  • Made in USA

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Rear's SPF Flail Mowers

Download a brochure on Rear's SPF Flails

The SPF is a versatile bumped housing flail used in medium duty mowing and shredding operations. Rotor and blade options make this machine capable of the widest range of jobs from grooming to rough brush processing. Requires approx. 5 - 7 tractor HP per ft. of cutting width.

  • Ideal for cane, berries, Christmas tree plantings, ski slope maintenance, parks, golf courses, nurseries
  • Options for left drive/fixed right offset, left drive/fixed center mount or left drive/hydraulic pantograph offset
  • Optional narrow vineyard profile
  • 0 to 6 in. cutting height
  • Available w/ grass blades (FL 920) for finish mowing or shredding knives (FL 960) for chopping light brush

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Rear's IFA Flail Mowers

Download a brochure on Rear's IFA Flails

The IFA is a heavier duty bumped housing flail. This machine features a beefed up gearbox, rotor and roller bearings, belt tensioning and a thicker gauge housing. Use this machine in place of the SPF model where conditions are more demanding or work duty is higher. Requires approx. 5 - 7 tractor HP per ft. of cutting width.

  • Upright, vineyard and low profile belt housing positions
  • Up to 120 in. cut width available
  • Blades for grass mowing or brush shredding
  • Fixed or pantograph offset mounting.
  • Front inlet chain guard
  • Standard 3 pt mounting or front push position mounting

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