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Aquacide Environmental Weed Control

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Aquacide - kills weeds with superheated water!

Safe · Effective · Responsible

The Aquacide weed control system is perfect for most non-selective vegetation control applications. With a system of on-demand low pressure super heated water and a variety of attachments, the Aquacide is able to deliver strong weed-killing power, without harsh chemicals and the associated dangers of spray drift and runoff.

Organic and highly effective, Aquacide vegetation control works by delivering super heated water (up to 280° F) in a liquid state. The extreme heat immediately destroys the cellular structure of the plant, killing on contact without the need for a chemical or residual spray application.

Aquacide with 12" wheeled applicator - kills weeds with superheated water!

Benefits · Uses

Use of the Aquacide Environmental Weed Control System involves absolutely no caustic chemicals, so NO permits, licenses, or protective equipment are required to run it. This compact and highly portable unit can be used just about anywhere, rain or shine, without worrying about potential contamination of groundwater or damage to the surrounding environment. In fact, instant weed kill can take weather concerns out of the equation entirely!

Aquacide - kills weeds with water!

Easy mounting and operation make the Aquacide a great match for one man operations or smaller teams. Dual units are also available by special order from the manufacturer.

The Aquacide unit is available with a range of attachments and tools great for both spot treatment and wider swath usage. It is perfect for use on sidewalks and roadways, as well as in turf management and agricultural applications. Owing to its chemical-free method of eradication, re-sodding and seeding can be performed immediately after use!

Aquacide - chemical free - kill weeds with water!

A Great Alternative

Whether you're going organic, or just looking to avoid the hassles of transporting and using chemical sprays, the Aquacide Environmental Weed Control System is a great alternative for almost any vegetation control application.

OESCO is a proud distributor of the Aquacide Environmental Weed Control System: For more information or to get started, call us today!