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Mowers, 3PT & Trailed

Flail Mowers

OESCO sells and services flail mowers from Ferri, Rear's and Perfect.

Ferri's offset Z-Series mowers are built for ditch and bank mowing, allowing mowing of embankments between +90 degrees and -50 degrees. The ZMT mowers are built for tractors in the 50 to 80 HP range, while the ZME mowers are designed for use with tractors in the 18 to 40 HP range.

Rear's flail mowers are avaliable in a wide range of sizes and configurations. For grass and light brush Rear's SPF flail is a good choice, with available 30 in. to 100 in. cutting widths and fixed center-mount, fixed-offset or hydraulic pantograph offset. Several blade options are available on the SPF, depending on your application (finish cut, coarse grass and light brush cut, heavy mowing and brush shredding). Approx. 5 HP - 7 HP per foot, required.

For heavy brush-chopping jobs, consider Rear's OMF-Series flail mowers. Standard features include a super-duty, low-profile double-walled housing, 2-3/4 lb. hard-faced hammers mounted on 3/4 in. Gr.9 bolts and a 24 in. hydraulic pantograph offset. Options include push/pull mounting and cutting widths from 4 ft. to 9 ft. Approx. 10 HP per foot required.

We also stock and service general purpose rotary mowers

Rotary Orchard and Vineyard Mowers

Highly-engineered rotary mowers designed for fruit production, from Fischer.

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Fischer GL4 mowers feature two precision-sensing hydraulically-controlled swing-arms, a self-contained hydraulic system and height-adjustable rollers, making it an ideal mower for vineyards, tree plantations, nurseries and high-density orchard plantings. The GL4 is particularly suited to growers whose management program does not include the use of herbicide strips. The GL4 is available in a range of sizes.

The Fischer BV2 is a versatile mower for fruit plantings of all types -- tree fruit, grapes or berries. The BV2 features a continuously variable hydraulic width adjustment and hydraulic side shift. It is an ideal mower for plantings where the management plan incorporates herbicide strips. The BV2 is available in a range of sizes.

Fischer's SL Series mowers are designed for mowing under low-hanging fruit. The swing arm is available with either mechanical or precision-sensing hydraulic control. The SL's 30 in. hydraulic offset is controlled via the tractor's hydraulics. Mowers with hydraulic precision-sensing use a self-contained hydraulic system to control swing-arm movement. The SL is an ideal mower for tree fruit or for mowing under board fences. The SL is available in a wide range of sizes.