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Harvest & Storage Bins

Grouping of various fruits, vegetables, mushrooms

Natural Controlled Atmosphere
Storage & Shipping Bins

Janny MT Bins, brought to you by OESCO, Inc!

Increase the flexibility and efficiency of your cold storage with innovative controlled atmosphere solutions from Janny MT and OESCO, Inc.! Janny Natural Controlled Atmosphere Storage & Shipping Bins are the first of their kind. Equipped with a revolutionary lid that combines gas permeable membranes with an airtight seal, Janny bins convert any cold storage into a contained controlled atmosphere solution perfect for markedly extending the salable life of a wide range of fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and cut flowers.

Janny MT Controlled Atmosphere Bins stack conveniently to simplify storage and reduce bulk when not in use!

Multiply your Yield

Janny MT CA Bins provide the ability to shift sales, depending on the product, by several days, weeks or months from harvest. This ability allows you to harvest or purchase products even if the market is not able to absorb them immediately. Cherries left on the trees, or leeks left in the field that end up crushed after bolting, are examples of non-harvest losses that become avoidable: the products can be quickly picked at optimal maturity, to be then sold according to market needs. Losses due to bad weather or early killing frost can be completely avoided. Both losses in the field or during storage are therefore reduced, which converts into increased volumes sold at the right time for the market.

ProduceRegular Cold StorageJanny MT CA Bin Storage
Apples (Mid-Season)up to 4 monthsup to 7 months
Asparagusup to 5 daysup to 25 days
Beetsup to 2 monthsup to 4 months
Blueberriesup to 10 daysup to 6 weeks
Broccoliup to 3 weeksup to 1.5 months
Chanterellesup to 5 daysup to 50 days
Cherriesup to 6 daysup to 25 days
Garlicup to 210 daysup to 300 days
Grapesup to 1.5 monthsup to 3-5 months
Peoniesup to 4 weeksup to 10 weeks
Potatoesup to 21 daysup to 90 days
Janny MT Atmosphere Controlled Bins are built tough, with effective ventilation throughout the sturdy frame!

Janny MT Controlled Atmosphere Bin lid membranes work by allowing controlled respiration, keeping moisture, Oxygen, and CO2 levels within a range defined by individual produce needs. Each US lid comes with 9 membranes, which can be capped or uncapped to control the rate of evaporation and gas exchange. Each bin can be customized to fit the needs of the produce stored within. Specification sheets for each type of produce best suited to Janny MT CA Bin storage are available upon request.

Tiempo Test Green reader checks for correct atmospheric conditions

Atmospheric conditions within the bin are monitored using the handheld Tiempo Test unit, allowing for immediate insight into current quality and full control of the storage process. It is recommended to test regularly and adjust caps according to the manufacturer's specifications.