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Harvest & Storage Bins

Hybrid 44 Series

fruit storage & shipping bins

MacroPlastics Hybrid 44 Bins, brought to you by OESCO, Inc!

Protect your harvest while maximizing your storage space. The Hybrid 44P-FV is an innovative "Shipper Bin" designed to be easily stackable at loads of up to 15,000 lbs. - it is the solution when it comes to storing and transporting delicate produce, with a built-in buffer zone and rounded inner edges to guard against bruising before, during, and after transit.

MacroPlastic Bins stack for easy storage and less expensive return transport!

Nesting Bins for a Lighter Load

The frame of the Hybrid Shipper Bin can be quickly and easily disassembled and reassembled, with all pieces able to nest inside one another, allowing for fewer trips when you're ready to set them up for harvest. The compact nesting design of the Hybrid 44P-FV has the potential to save you thousands on return shipping, and our customers sure do love the extra free space in their storage facilities!

MacroPlastic Hybrid Bins are built tough, with effective ventilation throughout the sturdy frame!

FDA-Grade Plastics, Great for Long and Short-Term Storage

The UV Stabilized Polypropylene used in the Hybrid 44P-FV is non-porous and will not absorb water or dehydrate your produce while in storage. The bin design features hundreds of ventilation slots, intended to maximize airflow and allow for greater temperature control in both refrigerated and open-air containers. All inside edges and surfaces are rounded and smooth to prevent abrasions and bruising.

You'll end your season with delicious fruit that have a much longer shelf life and higher quality than with any other plastic bin.

MacroPlastic Bins are stackable and stable, up to 10 Bins High!

Innovative Design for Improved Safety and Stability

All bins feature interlocking feet and can stack up to 10 bins high (15,000 lbs max), with a space-efficient but extremely effective bruise buffer, to ensure that the quality of fruit you put in is exactly what you get out.

MacroPlastic Bins come with high-quality feet for stacking

Versatile Options Available

Overall, the Hybrid 44 Series Shipper Bin is a highly-adaptable and top of the line bin designed to deliver fruit quality consistent with your and your customer's expectations.

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