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Gregson-Clark Skid Sprayers

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V-Series Poly Tank Skid Sprayers

Gregson-Clark V200 Compact Skid Sprayer

Gregson-Clark V-Series skid sprayers are ideally suited to your lawn and landscape maintenance jobs. These compact poly tank sprayers can be ordered with a wide range of pumps, including 12V, and Honda-powered high-pressure Udor diaphragm pumps. Other standard features include industry-standard Hannay reels, powder-coated frames and jet tank agitation.

  • Compact Design - The space saving design leaves plenty of space available for other equipment or materials. All components are conveniently placed for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Versatility - The universal mounting brackets allow the hose reel to be mounted opposite the pump and engine for pickup trucks or beneath the pump and engine for vans and enclosed body trucks.
  • Expandability - A modular tank can easily be added at any time to increase capacity and/or provide for two separate spray solutions.
  • Portability - The hose reels are pre-wired and include a quick-disconnect battery cable so that when you need to remove your sprayer from your truck, you simply unplug the cable. All V-Series sprayers are designed to slide between the wheel wells for easy installation and removal.
  • Top Mounted Tank Fittings - The suction and bypass lines enter the tank at the top. There are no fittings on the sides or bottom of the tank. This substantially reduces leak potential.

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