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Rears Boom Sprayers

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Rears Spray Booms

Rears Over-The-Row Boom Rears RMCO Boom

Rears sprayers are available with a wide variety of booms to fit most row-crop, turf, orchard and vineyard needs. Whether you're spraying for weeds at ground level, looking for a quick and easy vine-spraying solution, or in need of something more specialized, our experienced staff has the expertise to set up your sprayer with the tank, pump, boom and nozzling that you need.

OTR and RMCO Booms

One of our best-selling boom units, RMCO Booms feature a combination leaf spring and stabilizer shock cushioning system to soften the ride through fields and orchards. Wings are protected by a double action extension spring break away system. RMCO booms can be mounted to a Pak-Tank, Pul-Tank or mounted directly to your tractor.

The OTR is an RMCO boom mounted to a high profile mast system. A heavy wall, stainless steel drop nozzle pipe is clamped to each wing and to each side of the center boom section. These pipes are protected by a double action break away similar in function to the RMCO break away. Used in vine crops the OTR allows you to drive every other row. Recommended for use with Pul-Tank and Powerblast Sprayers. Please call us for a full list of options and features!

Trellis Booms

Rears Trellis Boom Rears DP Mounted Boom in Utility Vehicle with 304 Rears Sprayer

The trellis boom was designed to be a simple vertical and horizontal spray boom to cover the small acreage vine crops of berries and grapes. One frame can be used for foliar application or weed control. The frame easily mounts on Nifty, Pul-Tank and Pak-Tank Sprayers, and is available in custom widths, in your choice of aluminum or stainless steel construction.

Trellis Boom Brochure & Parts Diagram

DP Booms

The DP boom is a light weight solution used for broadcast or strip spraying. Wing widths are fully adjustable, and feature a double breakaway pivot hinge and support chain. Clamp on nozzle bodies allow center distance adjustment to suit your specific situation. This modular unit is suitable for use with any Pak-Tank or Pul-Tank Sprayer. Call us today for more information!

Haven't Found What You Need?

Many other types and configurations of Rears Spray Booms are available for the full array of Rears Tank Sprayers. From rice to raspberries, peaches to pine groves, we will work with you to construct the perfect sprayer. We always encourage you to call us with any questions, or to set up a fully customized quote for your unique situation!