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MAX HT-R45L(OR) Tapener


MAX HT-R45L(OR) Tapener

Quick Overview

Fast, efficient machine for tying and binding plant materials. Essential for grapes, berries, tomatoes, nursery stock, Christmas trees, etc. Weight: 1.52 lbs.

Additional Information

Part No. 5009
Manufacturer MAX
Availability Available


Indispensable for Grapes, Raspberries and Vining Vegetables

The MAX Tapener® has been sold for over thirty years and proven itself to be an efficient, reliable tool. It is a great tool for training vines, for tying raspberries, tomatoes, trellised vegetables, etc. as well as training nursery stock or Christmas trees.

The Tapener uses a combination of tape and staples to tie plant material to trellis, string, stake, wire cage, etc. To use the Tapener, you simply push the material to be fastened into the jaws of the tool, then squeeze the handle tightly. This meters out tape, then cuts and staples the tape in one motion. The tool is very reliable and saves considerable time over hand-tying. It also makes efficient use of tying materials as you only use the amount needed to execute the tie.

Compatible Accessories

  • MAX Tape: part # 6018 (8 MIL) or part # 6020 (12 MIL)
  • MAX Staples: part # 5100 (604 E-L)
  • Replacement blades: part # 5210
  • Takes 4-3⁄8″ diameter rolls
  • Weight: 1.52 lbs.