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Octagonal Ash Pruner Poles

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14 in. Adapter - Tapered X M - 0.5 lbs.

Part Number: PEAP TE-011-014-0961


6 ft. Head Pole - Tapered X M - 2.25 lbs.

Part Number: PEAP TE-011-072-T946


6 ft. Extension Pole - M X F - 2 lbs.

Part Number: PEAP TE-011-072-0947


12 ft. One-piece Pole - Tapered - 4.5 lbs

Part Number: PEAP QE-011-144-0933


14 ft. One-piece Pole - Tapered - 5.3 lbs

Part Number: PEAP QE-011-168-0934


Octagonal Ash Pruner Poles

Quick Overview

Peavey octagonal ash poles in several lengths and configurations.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Peavey
Type Wooden Pole


Peavey Octagonal Ash Pruning Poles

Peavey Manufacturing Company of Eddington, Maine makes these high quality 1-1/4 in. octagonal ash pruning poles. They are available in several configurations:

  • Peavey adapter pole is 14 in. long and has a male pin-lock style ferrule on the bottom end and a tapered wooden top to accept the Jameson PH11/PH12, Snap-Cut 20/2011 or Porter-Ferguson heads
  • Peavey head pole has a male pin-lock ferrule on the bottom end and a tapered wooden top end<./li>
  • Peavey extension pole has a male pin-lock ferrule on one end and a female pin-lock ferrule on the other end
  • Peavey "QE" poles are simple, one-piece octagonal poles with no hardware. The top end is tapered. QE poles available in two lengths - 12 ft. and 14 ft.

NOTE: QE poles cannot be shipped via UPS Ground (there is an effective 10 foot limit). Call us for delivery options.