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Hollow Core Fiberglass Pruning Poles

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Price From: $34.45

Hollow Core Fiberglass Pruning Poles

Quick Overview

Jameson's most popular fiberglass pruning pole is the arborist's choice for tree trimming work. Available in several lengths and configurations.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Jameson
Type Fixed Length Fiberglass Pole


Jameson FG-Series Pruning Poles

Jameson's FG-Series pruning poles cost less without sacrificing quality. The hollow core FG series poles are lighter than the foam-core JE series poles, yet offer exceptional bending strength. This is the arborists favorite for tree trimming work.

OESCO stocks FG-Series poles in many configurations. F-type poles have a rubber base cap and a female ferrule on the upper end. Standard extension poles feature a male ferrule on one end and a female ferrule with exterior leaf-spring/pin type locking mechanism on the other end. The FG3SFP is a 3′ extension pole that has a male ferrule on the bottom end and incorporates a Jameson PS3 pole saw head. FG-Series poles are available in 4, 6 and 8 foot lengths.

  • Pole wall thickness of FG poles is is 0.13 inches
  • Available in several lengths
  • The arborist's choice for tree trimming work

Warning: Use extreme caution when using long-reach tools around around electrical lines. While fiberglass poles are much safer than aluminum in such situations, precautions still need to be observed. In addition, pole saw/pruner users should always wear the proper safety equipment including eye protection and a hard hat to protect from falling branches. Always exercise good judgement when cutting anything above your head!