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Wirevise Wire Anchor

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13 thru 16 Ga. Wire - 0.062″ to 0.10″

Part Number: AGFP 5056V


12, 13 Ga. Wire - 0.102″ to 0.114″

Part Number: AGFP 5058V


10, 11 Ga. Wire - 0.120″ to 0.135″

Part Number: AGFP 5062V


8, 9 Ga. Wire - 0.148″ to 0.163″

Part Number: AGFP 5064V


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Quick Overview

Easy to use fastener for tying off trellis wire ends. Very secure. No tools required. Works for high-tensile or nylon monofilament wire.

Additional Information

Manufacturer AgFast


Used to Anchor Wire to End Posts

This trellis and fence wire anchor securely holds wires to end-posts. Insert the wire into and through the Wirevise®. It automatically locks onto the wire. To increase tension, just pull more wire through the vise. No tools required.

  • Use with metal or nylon monofilament wire
  • To apply more tension to wire than can be applied by hand, use a Gripple Torq Tool
  • A release tool is available from AgFast for 12-16 gauge wire

To install the Wirevise:

  1. Drill a hole through your end post (hole size varies by Wirevise model)
  2. Push the Wirevise into the drilled hole from the back side of the post and secure with 2 galvanized nails
  3. Feed your wire through the front side of the post and out the back side of the Wirevise. Wirevise locks wire in place
  4. Clip wire, leaving enough of a tail for re-tensioning and/or stapling to the back side of the post