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CropCare Sprayers

CropCare Row Crop Sprayer w/ Boom

CropCare Row Crop Sprayers

Crop Care row-crop sprayers are engineered to deliver the utmost in simplicity and reliability, while still offering the latest in features and technology. A wide range of available options allows you to configure a sprayer to fit your exact needs.

CropCare 3PT Hitch Sprayers

3Pt hitch sprayers offer superior maneuverability and mininmize damage to crops during post-emergence spray applications. They are excellent for smaller farms or as a secondary sprayer on larger farms. Tank sizes range from 55 to 300 gallons. Choose from 12 ft. manual fold to 60 ft. hydraulic fold booms w/ suspension. Boomless nozzles and a single-sided hydraulic folding boom are also available. Pump options include economical roller, high-volume centrifugal and high-pressure diaphragm pumps. To learn more about Crop Care 3Pt sprayers and download a product brochure:

CropCare Trailer Boom Sprayers

Trailer sprayers offer a range of larger tank sizes from 300 to 1,000 gallon. They are geared toward spraying large acreages and are available with a wide range of options for improving the safety and efficiency of your spray applications. Boom options range from 20 foot manual X-fold and boomless nozzles to 45 and 60 foot hydraulic X-fold booms with suspension and optional high clearance lift kits. Choose from economical roller (300 gal only), high-volume centrifugal or high-pressure diaphragm pumps. Other options include tank rinse systems, foam markers and automatic rate control and GPS guidance.  To learn more about Crop Care trailer sprayers and download a product brochure:

CropCare Sheilded Boom Sprayers

Shielded boom sprayers are available with 55 and 110 gallon tanks. These unique sprayers offer the grower the option of post-emergence herbicide applications without damaging adjacent crops. Clear Lexan shields and spray nozzles are adjustable for different row widths. To learn more about Crop Care Shielded Boom Sprayers and download a product brochure:

CropCare Single-Sided Boom Sprayers

A 25 ft. single-sided boom can be mounted on either trailer or 3Pt hitch sprayer. These booms feature hydraulic fold, leveling and remote height adjustment (24 in. to 84 in.); a coil spring suspension system keeps the boom stable in uneven terrain, helping to ensure thorough coverage of your crop.To learn more about Crop Care one-sided booms and download a product brochure: