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CropCare 3 Pt Hitch Boom Sprayers

CropCare 3 Pt Sprayers

Tank Sizes of 60, 110, 150, 200 or 300 Gallons

Crop Care 3pt hitch sprayer w/ hydraulic fold boom and foamer

CropCare's 3pt Hitch Sprayers offer superior maneuverability and help minimize traffic damage to crops, particularly in post-emergence spray applications. They are an excellent choice for smaller farms or for use as a second sprayer.

A number of spray boom options are available from 12 ft. manual X-folding booms to 60 ft. hydraulic folding booms. There are options for shock-mounted suspension systems and hydraulic high clearance lift kits (up to 84 in. on 45 & 60 ft. booms). There is also a 25 ft. single-sided hydraulic folding boom available.

Choose from a wide range of pump options including Hypro diaphragm or belt drive centrifugal, Ace hydraulic drive centrifugal and CropCare's Superdrive™ pumping system that uses cog-banded belts to speed up pump speed by 850%. The Superdrive™ system makes possible spray pressures in excess of 100 PSI and increases fuel savings when spraying at lower pressures.

There are many other options available including:

  • Manual or electric spray controls
  • Hydraulic splitter valves that allow operation of hydraulic-fold booms with a single set of remotes
  • Foam markers
  • Teejet™ guidance systems w/ wheel-mounted or GPS speed sensing
  • Teejet™ turret nozzle bodies
  • Chemical eduction systems and rinse tanks
  • Safety light kits