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Choker Chain Assemblies - Gliders & Hooks

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Choker Chain Assembly - 5⁄16″x80″

Part Number: WALP 5167G70A


Choker Hook - 5⁄16″

Part Number: WALP 31316228


Glider - 5⁄16″

Part Number: WALP 31336221


Choker Chain Assemblies - Gliders & Hooks

Quick Overview

High quality forestry winch rigging accessories from Wallingfords, Inc.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Wallingford


Top Quality Forestry Winch Rigging from Wallingford's Inc.

  • Choker Chain Assembly is made of Grade 70, 5/16" diameter chain and cut 7' long with end needle to assist in getting your choker under the log. Comes with end hook.
  • Choker Hook secures with roll pin (included). Large inside width allows easy chain movement. Narrow slotted tip helps prevent unhooking.
  • Glider keyhole design allows for adjustment of choker chain to get the log butts off the ground.