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Tajfun Firewood Processors & Accessories

Tajfun of Slovenia

The world's premier manufacturer of firewood processors!

OESCO Inc. is proud to be the sole United States importer and distributor for Tajfun firewood processors and logging winches. Tajfun's products are manufactured to the highest standards, employing state-of-the-art laser-cutting, robotic welding, and powder-coating technologies.

Tajfun firewood processors are designed for farming, woodlot management and landscaping-services markets. These processors will cut and split two cords of firewood per hour with minimal effort. Logs can be fed to the processor by either the DM 1511 Hydraulic Lift Table or the all-new trailered RN 5000 Live Deck.

These processors are free-standing and self-supporting and require a minimum of 35 PTO HP to run them. To mount and transport the processor on the 3 pt hitch, you will need a tractor of 55+ horsepower. These processors produce split logs ranging from 8 to 20″ in length, as determined by the operator. The splitting ram's patented dual-stage piston generates a force of up to 17 tons, making short work of even cross-grained wood. A four-way wedge is standard. Six- and eight-way wedges are optional.

Coming Soon: The Tajfun® RCA PRO 500

Maximum muscle! The latest addition to the Tajfun® lineup, the RCA PRO 500, packs a punch and still runs on 45 HP!

The RCA PRO 500 has a 19½″ diameter capacity and 9 wedge options, from a single-knife to a twenty-way split. The wedge vertically self-adjusts to the log center, ensuring consistent sizing.

This unit comes with standard joystick operation and controls, and features a two-stage 25 ton splitting ram, with an automatically adjusted variable cycle time dependent on length and density. Convenient features include an easy-to-read display screen complete with read outs for input RPM, working hours, working pressures, oil temperature, and batched volume output or average hourly production.

For more information and specs on Tajfun firewood processors, give us a call at 1-800-634-5557.

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