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Tajfun Grapples - Precise, Efficient, and Easy to Operate

Ready to recharge your logging experience? The newly redesigned and in stock GO-026X, GO-037X, and GO-043X Tajfun Logging Grapples can handle over 11,000 lbs. of dense hardwood with ease, giving you precise control over any situation.

Their improved performance is due to a well-researched update in grapple geometry, as well as an effective design. Bright coloring now allows the operator to safely use them day or night, with increased visibility allowing for greater precision.

Bini Rotators

Get your haul right where you want it with a grapple-mounted
Bini Hydraulic Rotator
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Tajfun Grapple Models, Specs & Dimensions

Model GO-026X GO-037X GO-043X
Capacity   8992 lbs. 11240 lbs. 11240 lbs.
Weight   342 lbs. 474 lbs. 530 lbs.
Volume Capacity A

2.8 ft2

3.9 ft2

4.4 ft2

Max. Opening C 5 ft 5.8 ft 6.3 ft
Min. Opening G 2.7 ft 3.1 ft 3.3 ft
Profile Width J 1.3 ft 1.5 ft 1.5 ft
Height (closed) F 1.7 ft 1.9 ft 2.1 ft
Time to Open (sec. @ 50l/m)   1.1 1.9 2.1
Time to Close (sec. @ 50l/m)   1.7 2.5 2.6
Clamp Force   3147 lbs. 4271 lbs. 4046 lbs.
Max Operating Pressure   3625 psi 3335 psi 3335 psi