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Logging Winches & Accessories

Tajfun logging winches are now the no. 1 selling winch in the world!

Tafjun's PTO powered winches are built in a range of sizes to work with compact tractors or with larger 100+ HP tractors.

Most models can be had with either mechanical or hydraulic controls. Hydraulic models feature a self-contained hydraulic system and electric-over-hydraulic controls, so all you need is a 12V hookup to your tractor's electrical system. For the ultimate in flexibility, add a radio remote control to your hydraulic winch and control off-spooling or pulling from up to 300 feet away.

Standard Tajfun winch features include a chain saw holder, peavey/pickaroon holder, a fold down brush guard, high and low pulleys, tool boxes (EGV45 and up), a removable trailer hitch and 200 ft. of swaged cable (super-smooth, super-supple) w/ three sliders and hook.

OESCO is proud to be an importer of Tajfun winches. We have a close working relationship with the manufacturer and we make every effort to have spare parts on the shelf when you call.

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  1. Tajfun EGV-85AHK-SG Single-Drum Logging Winch, Electo-Hydraulic Controls


    Tajfun EGV-85AHK-SG professional logging winch with 8.5T pulling force. For the most demanding jobs. Heavy reinforced frame for professional logging operations. Electro-hydraulic controls. Powered off-spooling. Requires 75 - 120 HP. Learn More
  2. Igland/Norse Self-Releasing Snatch Block - 6 Ton


    Self-releasing snatch block. Six (6) in. diameter. 6T capacity. Weight: 14 lbs. Learn More
  3. Choker Chain Assemblies - Gliders & Hooks

    Starting at: $10.67

    High quality forestry winch rigging accessories from Wallingfords, Inc. Learn More
  4. Wide Base Twist-Link Truck & Tractor Tire Chains


    Wide base twist-link chain set for several tire sizes. Grab them before they're gone! Learn More

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