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Heavy Duty Steel Skidding Tongs from GPM

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¾″x23″ - 1⅛″ Ring

Part Number: GPMP 19795



¾″x32″ ¾″ Ring

Part Number: GPMP 19796



Heavy Duty Steel Skidding Tongs from GPM

Quick Overview

Heavy duty skidding tongs from GPM. Available in 2 sizes.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Great Plains Manufacturers


Heavy Duty Steel Tongs from Great Plains Manufacturers

These sturdy skidding tongs are manufactured from high-carbon steel. A quick and easy way to grab hold of poles and logs for skidding and dragging operations.

  • Model 19795 opens 4½″ to 25 in.
  • Model 19796 opens 5½″ to 32 in.