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U-Hooks for High Density Trellised Apple Plantings

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Quick Overview

Used to secure trees and vines to trellis systems. Two sizes -- 2½″ or 3 in. Galvanized.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Evans Mfg.


An Essential Item for High Density Apple Plantings

Use these hooks to help secure trees and vines in trellised systems.

Note New Installation Instructions: Hold the U-Hook in front of you so that the loop that is in the plane of the "U" is to your right side. Hook that loop onto the wire, then roll the hook to the right. Note that as you do this, the parallel loop will lock onto the trellis wire. Then simply hook the perpendicular loop over the wire and you are done.

  • Unique design prevents hook from sliding
  • Galvanized for weather resistance
  • In two sizes: 2½″ or 3 in.
  • Note that the hook does not expand as tree or vine grows, so care should be taken to prevent girdling