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Cider Making Equipment

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  1. Commercial Rack & Cloth Hydraulic Cider Pressing System w/SS Sanifeed Elevator-Grinder

    Commercial scale rack and cloth cider press in 5 sizes. Supplied complete with racks and cloths. Electrical switches and wiring are responsibility of the customer. Please call for more information. Learn More
  2. LANCMAN® Water-Operated Bladder Presses

    Starting at: $1,656.00

    Stainless steel water-operated bladder press. Operates on household water pressure. Easy to maintain. Made in Slovenia. Learn More
  3. Stainless Steel Fruit Elevator for Sanifeed Unit

    Stainless steel elevator works with Sanifeed to load and grind apples for cider pressing. Sized to fit OESCO rack presses but can be used for other applications. 1/2 HP 120V motor supplied with unit. Learn More
  4. Roller Inspection Tables for Pack Line or Cider

    Roller inspection table sized to fit your cider making or packing house operation. Standard width is 18 or 24 inches. Standard length is 7 feet. Other sizes available by special order. Learn More
  5. Sanifeed Unit

    Sanifeed unit consists of grater, grater box, elevator box, pomace tank, pomace pump and pomace hose. Constructed of painted steel with stainless steel used in all food-contacting surfaces. Please call us for details! Learn More
  6. Brusher Washer

    Out of stock

    Brusher-washer unit for cleaning fruit and vegetables. Available in stainless steel. Order with hard or soft brushes. Overall length is 42″ Width is 18 or 24 inches (larger sizes by special order). Made in Conway, MA. Learn More
  7. SY-1 Siphon Filler


    Gravity fed siphon filler is a simple, fast and hygienic way to dispense cider and other juices into jugs. Will handle all sizes to one gallon. All parts available. Learn More

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