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Tajfun firewood processors


The Tajfun RCA 400 Joy is Tajfun's flagship firewood processor. All basic machine functions—log feeding and clamping, cutting, splitting, and splitting wedge height adjustment—are controlled via a single joystick. Power to the cutting chain is clutch controlled allowing for stopping of the blade between cuts. This saves on chain/bar wear and chain lube. An oil cooler on the self-contained hydraulic system ensures reliability during sustained operation.

RCA 400 JOY Firewood Processor Specifications

  • Length of cut log: 8 to 20″
  • Log diameter: 4 to 15½″
  • Chain bar: Oregon 17″
  • Chain: Oregon 3⁄8″ MULTICUT
  • Splitting force: 16+ Tons
  • Dimensions, working configuration: 20′ long (45° incline on discharge conveyor), 10′ high, 4.5′ wide
  • Dimensions, transport configuration: 8′ long, 8′ high, 4.5′ wide
  • Weight w/ discharge conveyor: 2376 lbs
  • PTO shaft speed: 430 RPM

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Tajfun RCA 600 Joy Firewood Processor

The RCA 600 Joy Firewood Processor

For several years, Tajfun engineers have been hard at work designing what just might be the world's most advanced professional firewood processor. The result -- The Tajfun RCA 600 Joy -- is a mobile powerhouse, mating a 55 HP Hatz diesel to a trailer-mounted, joystick-controlled large-capacity firewood processor. The 600 Joy features a 40Tf splitting ram and a programmable touch screen that displays the quantity of wood processed as well as all of your machine functions -- hydraulic pressure, engine temperature, hours of operations, etc. The future of wood processing is here!

RCA 600 Firewood Processor Specifications

  • Cuts and splits to 23" diameter, in lengths up to 20"
  • Splitting force: 40Tf w/ 3 second cycle time
  • Compact design for mobile operations
  • Machine control is manual via proven joystick technology
  • Basic functions controlled via LCD touch screen
  • Automatically control splitting wedge height based on log diameter
  • Chain infeed, powered rollers on the outfeed (like RN 3000)
  • Longer and wider conveyor (than RCA 400)
  • Machine uses program control replacing relays on earlier machines

RN 3000 Live Deck

The Tajfun RN 3000 Live Deck and RN 3000M Live Deck w/ towing package can be used with either the RCA 380 or the RCA 400 Joy firewood processors. The live deck makes running the firewood processor a true, single-person operation. The deck is powered by the RCA's on-board hydraulic system and is operated via the controls on the firewood processor. Logs are cross-fed by a pair of hydraulically driven chains and conveyed to the in-feed rollers on the live deck. Movement of these in-feed rollers is synchronized to the in-feed conveyor on the processor itself, allowing the operator to move logs backward or forward seamlessly, as needed. The live deck is easily transported via the standard ball-type trailer hitch or towed behind the tractor and firewood processor when the processor is mounted on the tractor's 3 PT hitch.

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