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Sure Grip Earth Anchors

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30″ Length - ½″ Dia. - 4″ Helix

Part Number: OVSP 30-INCH


40″ Length - 5⁄8″ Dia. - 6″ Helix - 5.3 lbs.

Part Number: OVSP 40-INCH


48″ Length - ¾″ Dia. - 6″ Helix - 8.0 lbs.

Part Number: OVSP 48-INCH

  • Proper Use of Sure Grip Anchors

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  • Proper Use of Sure Grip Anchors

Quick Overview

Painted anchors with solid welded eye and sturdy welded helix. In 3 sizes.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Orchard Valley Supply


Painted Earth Anchors w/ Solid Welded Eye & Welded Helix

These painted earth anchors are made of high quality steel with a center eye and helix plate.

Installation: Earth anchors are turned in at an angle, inline with the attached wire and perpendicular to the end post. If soil conditions are such that it is too difficult to turn the anchor into the ground, a hole is dug to a depth of approximately 1/2 the length of the anchor. The anchor is then turned into the ground by hand, using a rod, crow bar, or length of pipe threaded through the welded eye. Once the anchor is installed to full depth, soil is tamped into the hole six inches at a time.

Choosing the right sized anchor for your trellising application:

  • 30 in. x ½″ dia. x 4 in. helix - for trellis systems less than 150 ft.
  • 40 in. x 5⁄8″ dia. x 6 in. helix - for trellis systems less than 300 ft.
  • 48″ x ¾″ dia. x 6 in. helix - for trellis systems of 300 to 600 ft.