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Sodium Percarbonate Cleaner/Sanitizer


Sodium Percarbonate Cleaner/Sanitizer

Quick Overview

Oxygen-based cleanser, safe and effective on all types of equipment used in cider, wine, beer, and juice-making without contributing to TCA or "Cork Taint".

Additional Information

Part No. C70-5
Manufacturer Solvay Chemicals
Availability Available


Avoid Cork Taint and Clean Greener with Oxygen-Based C70 Cleaner and Sanitizer

An alternative to our extremely popular Oakite Cleaner, Sodium Percarbonate comes highly recommended as a safe, effective, and eco-friendly Oxygen-based cleaner, perfect for the customer looking to avoid some of the complications of chlorine-based cleansers.

C70 cleaner breaks down into just three main components: water, oxygen, and sodium carbonate (washing soda). This fact scores it a place on the FDA's list of safe substances to be used in any food application.

Like our C30 cleaner, Sodium Percarbonate is highly effective in cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing equipment and requires a water rinse after use; but unlike any chlorine-based detergent, it will not contribute to TCA or "Cork Taint", a valid and growing concern among those producing wine, hard cider, or other fermented beverages.

Sold in 5 lb. bags


Spec Sheet: C70