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Overhead Netting - Small

50′ x 50′ Net

Part Number: SMAP OH-50-X-50


50′ x 100′ Net

Part Number: SMAP OH-50-X-100


Overhead Netting - Small

Quick Overview

Commercial-quality bird protection netting, sized for the backyard grower. Available in 50 ft. widths and 50 ft. and 100 ft. lengths. A cost effective alternative to extruded and shade cloth netting.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Smart Net Systems
Country of Manufacture Philippines
Recommended For Bird Deterrence


Conveniently Sized for the Backyard Grower

OESCO is the Eastern and Central U.S. distributor for Smart Net Systems Ltd., a manufacturer of premium netting for protection of blueberries, bramble berries, grapes, cherries, apples and other high-value fruit and vegetable crops.

This Overhead Netting is the same overhead bird protection netting that is available to large growers for permanent installation. Because it is competitively priced with extruded netting, we have worked with the manufacturer to make these small sizes available for the backyard or small-scale grower. We offer no guidance on installation -- we assume that the small grower will adapt installation to his or her particular situation. We do feel that this is a superior net and we think that you will find it a cost-effective alternative to extruded net or to tobacco shade cloth.

Product Description

Smart Net Systems overhead bird and crop protection netting is U.V. treated polyethylene - 1300 Denier thickness X 22mm square with heavy 12ply meshes on each edge.

  • Most effective method of bird control
  • With proper supporting infrastructure, allows for harvesting without exposing crops
  • Allows for progressive ripening -- since it is possible to work under the net, it can remain in place for extended periods
  • Simple to apply and remove -- easier to handle than extruded nets
  • Cost effective - similar in cost to extruded netting
  • Long lasting high density U.V. protected polyethylene -- should easily last 10 years with minimal care

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