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Smart Net

Smart Net Systems Crop Protection Netting

Note: Due to worldwide shipping delays, all currently out of stock netting is not expected to arrive prior to July of 2021. If you are in need of an alternative, please feel free to call us: (800)634-5557

OESCO, Inc. is pleased to be the exclusive distributor in the Eastern and Central U.S. for Smart Net Systems Ltd., a manufacturer of premium netting for protection of blueberries, bramble berries, grapes, cherries, apples and other high-value fruit and vegetable crops. Our netting options include Enclosure Bird Netting for both large and small lots, Insect & Hail Row Crop Netting, Flexible Deer Netting, and Individual Hail & Insect Protection Tree Bags.

smart net complete enclosure smart net side curtain smart net

Overhead Bird-Protection Netting is permanently installed on an infrastructure of high-tensile wire and posts. With this system, the crop is completely enclosed and protected allowing for crop maintenance and an extended harvest period. This makes it ideal for high-value, woody plantings such as blueberries, grapes or trellised apples. At season's end, the netting is pulled to the end of the field and covered with something like black plastic shrink-wrap to protect it from the elements. In the spring, the netting is unwrapped and pulled back into place. Overhead Netting is designed to be a completely custom system.

Purchase of the following sizes requires a consult; they cannot be configured or ordered online.

2020 Overhead Netting Pricing

50' x 531' 96.0 lb. $958.17
40' x 531' 76.3 lb.
32.8' x 531'
62.5 lb.
26' x 531'
49.2 lb
20' x 531'
38.7 lb.
50' x 337'
60.4 lb.
40' x 337'
48.4 lb.
32.8' x 337'
39.6 lb.
26' x 337'
31.2 lb.
20' x 337'
24.5 lb.
12' x 337' (side curtain net)
15.9 lb.

Overhead Netting Available in our Online Store in These Convenient Sizes

No Consult Necessary

50' x 50'
9.0 lb.
50' x 100'
18.0 lb.

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  1. Hail & Insect Netting

    Smart Net Systems Row Crop Insect Cover Netting provides all-in-one protection against hail, birds, Japanese beetles, stink bugs and grasshoppers. Multiple sizes available. Learn More
  2. Overhead Netting - Small

    Starting at: $215.59

    Out of stock

    Commercial-quality bird protection netting, sized for the backyard grower. Available in 50 ft. widths and 50 ft. and 100 ft. lengths. A cost effective alternative to extruded and shade cloth netting. Learn More
  3. Low-Visibility HD Polyethylene Deer Net Fencing

    Starting at: $158.40

    Strong, easily installed polyethylene deer fence for home or farm. High burst strength 2″ mesh eliminates entanglement problems, lasts for many seasons. Easily installed in rolling terrain. Bungee to trees in wooded settings. Learn More
  4. UV Stabilized C-Clips

    Starting at: $8.00

    Clips used to quickly secure bird netting. UV Stabilized. Sold in bags of 100 or 1000. Learn More
  5. Vineyard Zone Netting

    Out of stock

    UV protected vertical zone netting for grape growers, with reinforced, punched edges for optional full enclosure. Learn More

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