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Smart Net

Smart Net Systems Crop Protection Netting

OESCO, Inc. is pleased to be the exclusive distributor in the Eastern and Central U.S. for Smart Net Systems Ltd., a manufacturer of premium netting for protection of blueberries, bramble berries, grapes, cherries, apples and other high-value fruit and vegetable crops. Our netting options include Enclosure Bird Netting for both large and small lots, Insect & Hail Row Crop Netting, Flexible Deer Netting, and Individual Hail & Insect Protection Tree Bags.

smart net complete enclosure smart net side curtain smart net

Overhead Bird-Protection Netting is permanently installed on an infrastructure of high-tensile wire and posts. With this system, the crop is completely enclosed and protected allowing for crop maintenance and an extended harvest period. This makes it ideal for high-value, woody plantings such as blueberries, grapes or trellised apples. At season's end, the netting is pulled to the end of the field and covered with something like black plastic shrink-wrap to protect it from the elements. In the spring, the netting is unwrapped and pulled back into place. Overhead Netting is designed to be a completely custom system.

Purchase of the following sizes requires a consult; they cannot be configured or ordered online.

2018 Overhead Netting Pricing

50' x 531' 96.0 lb. $958.17
40' x 531' 76.3 lb.
32.8' x 531'
62.5 lb.
26' x 531'
49.2 lb
20' x 531'
38.7 lb.
50' x 337'
60.4 lb.
40' x 337'
48.4 lb.
32.8' x 337'
39.6 lb.
26' x 337'
31.2 lb.
20' x 337'
24.5 lb.
12' x 337' (side curtain net)
15.9 lb.

Overhead Netting Available in our Online Store in These Convenient Sizes

No Consult Necessary

50' x 50'
9.0 lb.
50' x 100'
18.0 lb.

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  1. Hail & Insect Netting

    Price From: $47.80 As low as: $43.02

    Smart Net Systems Row Crop Insect Cover Netting provides all-in-one protection against hail, birds, Japanese beetles, stink bugs and grasshoppers. Multiple sizes available. Learn More
  2. Overhead Netting - Small

    Starting at: $108.05

    Commercial-quality bird protection netting, sized for the backyard grower. Available in 50 ft. widths and 50 ft. and 100 ft. lengths. A cost effective alternative to extruded and shade cloth netting. Learn More
  3. Low-Visibility HD Polyethylene Deer Net Fencing

    Starting at: $158.40

    Strong, easily installed polyethylene deer fence for home or farm. High burst strength 2 in. mesh eliminates entanglement problems, lasts for many seasons. Easily installed in rolling terrain. Bungee to trees in wooded settings. Learn More
  4. UV Stabilized C-Clips

    Starting at: $8.00

    Clips used to quickly secure bird netting. UV Stabilized. Sold in bags of 100 or 1000. Learn More

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4 Item(s)

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