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Sanifeed Unit

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Quick Overview

Sanifeed unit consists of grater, grater box, elevator box, pomace tank, pomace pump and pomace hose. Constructed of painted steel with stainless steel used in all food-contacting surfaces. Please call us for details!

Additional Information

Manufacturer OESCO
Country of Manufacture United States
Material Stainless Steel


Combination Apple Grater and Pomace Pump

Attention: Due to recent changes in our manufacturing process, up-to-date pricing on all OESCO Sanifeed Units is only available via a phone or in-person quotation. To request your quote, please call us at (800)634-5557

The Sanifeed unit combines a fruit grinder, a pomace tank to temporarily hold the pomace (ground apples) and a pomace pump to feed the pomace to your your cider press. The unit is constructed of steel and stainless steel and built to provide decades of service. Sanifeed units are typically included when someone orders a rack and cloth press but they can be bought as standalone units and we have sold many of them to operators who were looking for a safe, sanitary and efficient method for grinding apples and conveying the pomace to an existing cider press.

The Sanifeed unit is comprised of the grater, grater box, elevator box, pomace tank, pomace hose and pomace hose. The elevator is sold as a separate piece; however, you must have some way to feed fruit to the grater. When used with our optional elevator, your apples are carried above the grater, drop through the elevator box and into the grater. From the grater, the ground fruit drops into a sealed pomace tank. The pomace tank is normally fitted with a float switch which stops the elevator when the pomace tank becomes full. From the pomace tank, the pomace is pumped by a pomace pump, to your cider press. A switch at the press controls the pomace pump, allowing you to control the pomace flow as you build your stack.

There are two motors included with the unit. You will need to specify single phase or three phase motors when ordering.

Note: These units are made to order and are included in the online store for informational purposes only. Please call us and we will be happy to discuss any questions you may have. Requires up to 6-8 weeks for delivery depending upon our current shop work load and delivery destination.

Specs For Sanifeed Units
Model Number / Specs ORC 28D-150 ORC 32D-150 ORC 36D-150
For Press ORC22D & ORC28D ORC 32D ORC 36D
Hopper Capacity 3150 cu. in. 4770 cu. in. 4770 cu. in.
Grater ORC 8-100 ORC 10-100 ORC 10-100
Pump Size Liverani Pumping Unit Sized to Press
Height w/ Elevator 70 in. 85 in. 85 in.
Width 28 in. 28 in. 36 in.
Length 40 in. 40 in. 40 in.
Length w/ Elevator 80 in. 86 in. 108 in.
Motor Size 3, 5 HP 3, 5 HP 5, 7-1/2 HP
Weight 800 lbs. 950 lbs. 1000 lbs.