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Mylar Tape

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Silver-Silver Mylar Tape - 1″x500′

Part Number: COOP 3550



Red-Silver Mylar Tape - 1″x500′

Part Number: COOP 3552



Mylar Tape

Quick Overview

Economical metalized tape deters birds. 1″ wide x 500 foot rolls. Buy by the sleeve (12 rolls) for best price.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cooke, L.E.


Combines Flash w/ Snapping Sound to Deter Birds

An effective low-cost deterrent. 1″ by 500 ft. roll of metalized polyester tape. No holographic image. The Silver Red tape is most popular (Install by twisting the red/silver tape and you get an especially disorienting effect when the tape bobs in the wind).

  • Available in Silver (both sides) or Red/Silver (Red one side, Silver the other side)
  • Buy by the sleeve (12 rolls) for best price

Warning: This tape will conduct electricity. Use with caution around electrical lines or electric fencing.

Note: Experts will tell you that successful bird deterrence usually requires developing a multi-pronged strategy. Birds and deer will frequently acclimate to a single, unchanging deterrent. Mix things up. Employ visual, sonic and olfactory/taste deterrents together and be willing to take the time to adjust the position or types of deterrents used. Note too, that it is easier to discourage animals who have not begun to feed in or acclimate themselves to an area. Be ready with an effective response before they become a problem and you will have a greater chance of success.

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