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LANCMAN water presses

OESCO began importing LANCMAN water operated bladder presses from Slovenia several years ago when we realized that there was a need for an affordable small-scale commercial-quality press that was easy to use. From the beginning, our customers have been very enthusiastic about these presses!

Looking inside the LANCMAN water bladder press

Looking inside the LANCMAN water bladder press

The principle is very simple: Using household water pressure, you expand a rubber bladder which presses outward against your prepared fruit, expressing the juice out through slots in a stainless steel container. There are no hydraulic pumps, no electical connections, no levers or wheels to apply mechanical force. The water does all the work. And it does it quite well. We have tested these presses side by side with one of our large hydraulic rack-and-cloth presses and we found that they yield about 90 percent of the juice of the rack and cloth press at a fraction of the cost.

LANCMAN presses are easy to move around, too!

And you'll find that they are easy to clean up. Once you have drained the bladder, you remove the top and rotate the press into a horizontal position. You then grab the top of the filter sleeve and pull. Generally, the fruit pulp comes out in a large lump. At this point, you rotate the press back to the vertical, reinsert the filter sleeve and you are once again ready to press. At the end of the day, empty your last pressing, rotate the basket into the vertical position, remove the basket with a quarter turn and spray everything down. 

Finally, maintenance on these LANCMAN presses is minimal. The rubber bladder will need to be replaced about every five years and it is assumed that you will replace hose gaskets and fittings occasionally as they wear, but other than that, you will need to do very little to the press. Take precautions against freezing and your LANCMAN press should last many seasons.

The LANCMAN water operated bladder press excels at apple and grape juice. It should also be suitable for cherries, peaches, pears and tomatoes. If you are contemplating doing something more exotic,

Pressing Grapes with a LANCMAN 120L Water Press (UMASS Cold Spring Orchard)

Adding Crushed and De-stemmed Frontenac Grapes to the LANCMAN Water Press (UMASS Cold Spring Orchard)

Beautiful Frontenac Grape Juice Flowing from the LANCMAN Water Press (UMASS Cold Spring Orchard)

An Integral Pressure Limiting Valve on the LANCMAN VSPI-X Series Presses Allows for Long, Slow Pressing of Grapes (UMASS Cold Spring Orchard)

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