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LANCMAN VSPI-X250 Water Operated Bladder Press

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LANCMAN VSPI-X250 Water Operated Bladder Press

Quick Overview

Stainless steel water-operated bladder press. Operates on household water pressure. Easy to maintain. Made in Slovenia.

Additional Information

Part No. VSPI-X250
Manufacturer Gomark
Availability Available
Material Stainless Steel
Size 70 Gallon (250 Liter)


Top-Quality All-Stainless European Juice Press

These top-quality juice presses come from Slovenia. They are easy to use and efficient. Pour ground fruit into the press, close the cover and connect the press to your garden hose. Using household water pressure, the rubber bladder expands outward, pressing the fruit evenly against the inner surface of the basket.

The pressure gauge allows for accurate monitoring during pressing. A pressure limiting valve allows for long, slow pressings. A pressure dump valve prevents over-pressurization.

Note: Tree fruit must be ground and grapes crushed and de-stemmed prior to pressing.


  • Basket, lid and carriage of stainless steel
  • 2 fixed + 2 swiveling wheels for easy transport and maneuvering
  • Basket volume: 230 liters - holds approx. 13 bu. apples, ground*
  • Pressing time: apples = 20 min., grapes = 50 min.
  • Estimated yield (apples): 65 gals. per hour (est. 2 pressings per hour, 2.5 gals. juice per bu.)
  • Dimensions: 28 x 35 x 61″
  • Empty weight: 242 lbs.
  • Max water pressure: 36 lbs.
  • Press tilts 90° for easy cleaning
  • Food grade rubber bladder has 5 year life expectancy (we stock replacement bladders)
  • Includes polypropylene pressing bag (sleeve)
*Results were obtained using an OESCO grinder. Volume results may vary based on the apple processing method used and the variety and maturity of the apples.

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