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Klorman In-line Chlorine Dispenser

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Hypochlor Cartridges for Klorman Chlorine Dispenser
Chlorine Test Strips

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Klorman In-line Chlorine Dispenser

Quick Overview

In-line chlorine dispenser for sanitizing produce or for chlorinating wash down water. Kit comes with one specially formulated Hypochlor cartridge and a vial of chlorine test papers for monitoring chlorine concentrations.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Klorman


Point-of-Use Active Chlorine Dispenser

The Klorman Automatic Chlorine Dispenser is a non-mechanical, in-line dispensing system for calcium hypochlorite. It utilizes water as a vehicle to produce active chlorine sanitizer. It is practical for any situation where bacteria, fungal spores, viruses and protozoa need to be controlled. Applications range from food processing all the way through kennel sanitation. It is useful anywhere that easy access to consistent, effective, sanitizing is desired.

The dispensing unit operates by contact of feed water with the specially formulated Hypochlor™ tablets. The Hypochlor™ tablets, encased in a replaceable cartridge, are lowered into the water stream. As water flows across the cartridge, the tablets dissolve and the sanitizing solution is discharged. The Hypochlor™ tablets have been specifically designed to dissolve slowly and consistently. When the cartridge is empty, which can be told with a simple glance at the unit, you just replace it with a full one.

The chlorine concentration in your water is going to be a function of (a) water pressure, i.e. line pressure or back pressure, (b) water flow through the unit, i.e. gallons or liters per minute, and by (c) depth of the HYPOCHLOR cartridge into the stream of water. The most consistent control of chlorine concentration, measured as parts per million or ppm, has proven to be in installations where the water is at a constant flow rather than intermittent, i.e. spray bars that run continuously vs. hose nozzle wash down. However, the KLORMAN System is still very effective for intermittent applications where rigid control of chlorine concentration is not as critical.

Users generally monitor chlorine concentrations using chlorine test strips. Chlorine test strips have proven to be an adequate and acceptable measurement of chlorine levels for process water applications. By screwing the cap on the standard unit in or out, you can match the level of chlorine in the discharge water to your application.

Included with the Klorman dispenser:

  • One Klorman Standard dispenser
  • One Klorman Hypochlor™ cartridge
  • One vial of chlorine test strips

To download a User's Guide for the Klorman Standard Unit, click here.