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Irri-Tape Bird Tape

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100′ Tape Kit - 1 Roll + 8 Supports

Part Number: BDXP TAPE-100


500′ Tape Kit - 1 Roll + 36 Supports

Part Number: BDXP TAPE-500

  • Irri-Tape Used in Tomatoes

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  • Irri-Tape Used in Tomatoes

Quick Overview

Irri-Tape deters birds with a combination of visual and aural effects. Kits come in two sizes -- 100 ft. or 500 ft. Supplied with small mounting brackets. Made in USA.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bird-X
Country of Manufacture United States


Passive Bird Repellent

This holographic iridescent tape shimmers in the sun and makes metallic noises in the wind, keeping birds away. Irri-Tape affects multiple senses for maximum effectiveness.

  • Holographic, iridescent foil
  • Visual scare ? birds are scared of the material?s sheen, as the light causes constantly changing reflections and shadows
  • Sound scare ? birds are rattled by the fierce metallic noise as it blows in the breeze
  • Physical deterrent ? birds are blocked by the tape and its brackets on any surface
  • Can be used alone or in combination with a sound device or a taste aversion product
  • Includes metal mounting brackets
  • Not suitable for salt-water applications
  • Material: polyester
  • Includes metal mounting brackets
  • Proudly made in the USA

Note: Experts will tell you that successful bird deterrence usually requires developing a multi-pronged strategy. Birds will frequently acclimate to a single, unchanging deterrent. Mix things up. Employ visual and sonic deterrents together and be willing to take the time to adjust the position or types of deterrents used. Note too, that it is easier to discourage birds who have not begun to feed in or acclimate themselves to an area. Be ready with an effective response before they become a problem and you will have a greater chance of success.

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