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FELCO F822 Electric Orchard Pruning Shear - Bluetooth Enabled

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Felcotronic 822 Electronic Pruning Shear w/Backpack

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Quick Overview

Innovative, new electric pruning shear from Felco mates an ergonomic cutting head to a modular battery pack. Cuts to 1¾″ Progressive or automatic cutting. 4 to 8 hours run time. Recharges in 2 hours.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Felco
Primary Application Tree Fruit / Ornamentals
Powered By Battery Pack


All New Battery-Powered Pruning Shear from Felco

Strong, rapid, user-friendly, efficient and reliable, this model is suited to heavy pruning work. The FELCO 822 makes effortless, clean and accurate cuts in hardwood of up to 45 mm (1-3/4 in.) in diameter. This is a multipurpose tool designed for arboriculture, forestry work, grounds and garden maintenance and for some viticulture tasks. Power is supplied by the Standard Capacity FELCO 880-192 Battery Pack or the Double Capacity FELCO 880-194 Battery Pack.

The FELCO 822 incorporates the latest in ergonomics, providing relief to your arm and shoulder muscles over the course of your work day.

Download a brochure on the FELCO F822 electric hand pruner


  • Cutting capacity - 1 to 45 mm (1-3/4 in.)
  • Curved cutting head, ideal for arboriculture, forestry work, the park and garden maintenance and for some types of viticulture work. Deep hook locks onto branches for easy cutting
  • Semi-open blade mode speeds up the cutting of small diameter branches
  • A stand-by mode may be selected for safety purposes
  • Two cutting modes -- progressive or automatic
  • The perfect diameter of the tool body, streamlined body w/ non-slip covering and the pivoting trigger mechanism ensure ease of use
  • Lightweight and solid owing to special aluminum alloys and advanced precision forging methods perfected by FELCO
  • Lightweight Li-polymer batteries supply the power. If desired, the operator can add a second battery to the pack, to be used simultaneously or sequentially. Battery pack should last for one half to a full day, depending upon conditions and it is recharged in 2 hours
  • Tool control is via a fob attached to the harness. An LCD readout reports battery charge status, number of cuts made, time in service, percentage of small, medium and large cuts and provides tool diagnostics
  • Comes with charger and rugged ABS carrying case
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • Comes with bluetooth-enabled 882-NP power pack for Felco App connectivity (download available here: Felco App)