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Great Grapes: Grow The Best Ever

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Great Grapes: Grow The Best Ever

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Part No. 66228
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Author Annie Proulx
Publisher Storey Publications
ISBN 9780882662282
Pages 32


Grapes are among the most desirable and best-known fruits, prized for their beauty, their succulence and varied flavors, their noble metamorphosis into wine, and their more utilitarian roles as sources of fresh juice and tasty jellies. For most growers, the triumph of harvesting fragrant clusters of dusky-bloomed grapes in rose, blue-black, amber, purple, or light red bunches is its own reward--a test of gardening skill.

In Great Grapes, you'll learn all you need to know to grow superb grapes, including how to:

  • Choose the most suitable cultivars for your area
  • Choose the right site
  • Prepare the soil
  • Build trellises
  • Plant and train the vines
  • Prune for maximum yield
  • Propagate new vines
  • Control pests
  • Harvest the grapes at the peak of ripeness