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Ventrac Articulating Tractors

Ventrac tractors are a product of 50 years of product development. These small, articulating tractors are a favorite with groundskeepers, landscapers, municipalities and universities, for their ruggedness, their maneuverability and their versatility.

Ventrac tractors are notable for their small size, their articulated steering and their all wheel drive—meaning they go a lot of places other machines cannot. Most attachments are front-mounted and belt-driven and can be easily put on or taken off of the machine without tools (Ventrac's Minute Mount system). There are attachments available for a wide variety of tasks—mowing, snow removal, material handling, sweeping, leaf removal, raking, aerating, tilling and trenching. There are even attachments for pumping water off of athletic fields, grinding stumps or generating power! Both 3400 and 4500 Series tractors feature available heated/defrosted cabs.

3400 Series Ventrac 3400 Series Tractor

To see the Ventrac 3400 tractors in action, click here.

Ventrac 3400 series tractors feature a rear-engine design for maximum operator visibility as well as their S.D.L.A. hand control (Speed, Direction, Lift and Auxiliary), allowing one-handed control of the machine. All-wheel drive is standard as is power-steering. 3400 series tractors are engineered to handle tough terrain and they feature an incredible 28 in. turning radius, making them ideal for mowing and maintaining such things as Christmas tree plantations. 3400 series tractors are rated for 25 degree up-and-down slope and 20 degree across slope operation.

The 3400 comes with a choice of 20 HP Vanguard gasoline or 22 HP Kubota diesel engines. 

Other features include:

  • Ultra-tight, 28 in. turning radius
  • Choice of 627cc, 20 HP 2-cyl Vanguard gas engine or 898cc, 22 HP 3-cyl Kubota diesel
  • Standard all-terrain or optional turf tires
  • Large-capacity 5 gal. fuel tank
  • Power steering
  • Electric PTO w/ brake
  • Ventrac Minute Mount system with over 13 available attachments
4500 series Ventrac 4500 Series Tractor

To see the Ventrac 4500 tractors in action, click here.

Ventrac's new flagship 4500 series builds upon their popular 4000 series, offering a number of improvements in ergonomics, safety and serviceability. Like the 4000 series tractors, the 4500 features all-wheel drive, a low center of gravity and optional dual wheels for continuous operation on slopes of up to 30 degrees. The 4000's center-oscillating frame and articulated power steering have been enhanced by a larger diameter steering cylinder, making the 4500 even more maneuverable than its predecessor.

The 4500 is powered by a new lineup of engines including an economical 31 HP fuel-injected Kawasaki gasoline engine and a 32.5 HP Kubota engine that can be fitted with a dual-fuel option, allowing the operator to choose between gasoline and clean-burning propane with the flip of a dash-mounted switch. Other 4500 series features include:

  • Tight 39 in. turning radius
  • Wide range of engine options includes both air- and liquid-cooled gasoline engines as well as a dual-fuel (gasoline/propane) Kubota or a Kubota turbo-diesel
  • Improved weight-transfer system
  • Improved PTO belt tensioning system
  • Improved standard seat for greater comfort
  • Ventrac Minute Mount system with over 30 commercial-grade attachments