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REVO Piuma 4WD Fruit Harvesting and Pruning Platform

REVÓ® Piuma 4WD Harvester

Small, Compact, Stable and Quiet

The REVÓ Piuma 4WD is your go-anywhere, do-anything, easy to use Harvesting and Pruning Platform. Built upon years of experience, the Piuma 4WD utilizes the latest 4 Wheel Drive and Auto-Leveling Systems to keep your pickers steady and your harvest safe from accidental bruising. It features extreme agility and versatility, with independent front and rear steering and crabbing and 1 touch Auto-Steering - useful while traversing rows. As with most harvesting platforms, these machines are best used in high density plantings with row spacings of 10-14'.

The Piuma is capable of taking you anywhere you or your team need to go. Once you're there, the easily movable extension conveyors and an on-board compressor for air driven pruning will allow your team to work cooperatively and efficiently to get the job done. The Piuma also features an easily accessible hydraulic system for use with your own hydraulic pruning tools.

In addition to its excellent maneuverability, the Piuma is able to maintain higher fruit quality with an innovative conveyor design. A single central conveyor belt transfers fruit gently and seamlessly from the external arms into the bin below. The Piuma's conveyor and bin loading systems are easily adaptable to a wide range of bin styles and sizes, with no bin trailer needed, as the Piuma makes both front-loading empty bins and off-loading full bins quick and easy on-the-fly.

As many growers are finding, in today's tight labor market the right platform can attract workers and provide significant savings on wage costs, while increasing your marketable yield.

Piuma 4WD Specs

12' 10" 18'
Width 4' 7"
Max. Lateral Platform Extension 9'11"
Ground Clearance 9"
Weight 5500 lb.
Rear Forklift Independent w/Adjustable Rollers
Engine Yanmar 25HP - Diesel
Control System Electronic
Braking System Negative Brake
Hydraulic Pump System Variable Displacement Pump 1.3"
Hydraulics 3 Gear Pumps 0.67, 0.25, 0.15 in3
Working pressure 2600 psi