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Doc Farwell's Seal & Heal

Seal & Heal - 1 Quart

Part Number: FARP 1102


Seal & Heal - 1 Gallon

Part Number: FARP 1101


Seal & Heal - 5 Gallon

Part Number: FARP 1100


Doc Farwell

Quick Overview

Light green colored formula provides a flexible, durable coating for tree wounds. Available in quarts, gallons or 5 gallon pails.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Farwell


Farwell's ... Over 50 Years of Proven Reliability

Note: This product cannot be allowed to freeze. We regret that we cannot ship when there is a danger of freezing in transit. We are located in Massachusetts and may experience cold temperatures longer than in other parts of the country.  If the temperatures are too cold to ship, you will be contacted and given the following options: 1) Ship the entire order when the weather cooperates, 2) Ship a partial order immediately and the Seal & Heal when there is no freezing danger, or 3) Remove this item from your order. Please consider ordering in the summer or fall so you will have plenty on hand for your late winter/early spring grafting work.

Elastic brush on coating for tree protection. Farwell's green Seal & Heal is specially formulated to meet the highest standards for tree surgery application.

  • Forms a durable, long-lasting coating impervious to water and air
  • Allows flexibility with new growth until healing is complete
  • Will not crack, melt or peel in any weather
  • Stimulates cambium growth for rapid healing of injury
  • Product readily adheres to new cuts and tree injury
  • Available in quarts, gallons or 5 gallon buckets

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