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Constant Flow Valves - CFValves™ - for All Spray Applications


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Quick Overview

Constant Flow Valve insures even application of product and reduces drift, thus increasing worker safety and protecting the environment.

Additional Information

Manufacturer G.A.T.E. LLC


The CFValve™ was originally designed at the request of E.I. DuPont de Nemours to improve safety and accuracy of spray deposition for agricultural knapsack applications. It has since been expanded to include compression sprayers and motorized equipment. The CFValve™ valve makes it possible to apply precise amounts of chemical with a backpack or hand-held sprayer, provided the operator times the application or walks at a constant pace. This results in savings in labor and in conservation of chemicals used, plus there are benefits to worker safety and the environment as over-application is eliminated.

Note: Threads vary from one spray component manufacturer to another. Be sure to order the valve that fits your particular spray application device.

  • Use Yellow and Red valves in backpack and hand-held compression sprayers
  • Use Blue and Green valves w/ 12V on-demand pumps, boom sprayers or engine-driven pumps
  • Eliminates variables associated with unregulated spray applications
  • Engineered for precise accuracy to meet specific label rate application requirements
  • Delivers a consistent flow control that is independent of input pressure
  • Designed to fit most application equipment - knapsacks, compression sprayers and tractors-mounted boom-sprayers
  • Will automatically close if pressure drops below the preset pressure
  • Cost effective because it conserves compounds used for application, reduces waste and labor time
  • Offers increased worker safety. The CFValve™ aids in reducing drift contamination and tends to reduce physical effort as hand-pump operators know that that the CFValve™ is delivering a constant flow of product