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Blade for SA-G18L Folding Saw

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Blade for SA-G18L Folding Saw

Quick Overview

Straight 6 Inch replacement blade for ARS SA-G18L folding saw

Additional Information

Part No. SB-P18L1
Manufacturer ARS
Blade Type Tri-Edge
Blade Sharpenable No
Saw Type Folding Saw


Top-Quality Tri-Edge Pole Saw Blades from ARS

From the original designers of the Tri-edge Blade, these 13" curved arborist blades are always razor sharp. Available with even tooth or raker tooth pattern (raker tooth blades are better suited to cutting green wood).

  • New universal hole pattern which is the standard for poles in the U.S. and all ARS poles & saws
  • Tri-edge blades cut on the pull stroke
  • Blades NOT impulse hardened making it possible to re-sharpen them using the ARS AC-9F10 saw file