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6′ Head Pole - Tapered X M - 2.25 lbs.

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6′ Head Pole - Tapered X M - 2.25 lbs.

Quick Overview

High-quality octagonal ash pruning poles for those who prefer wood. Standard aluminum ferrule system interchanges with poles and accessories from other manufacturers.

Additional Information

Part No. TE-011-072-T946
Manufacturer Peavey
Availability Available
Type Wooden Pole


Peavey Octagonal Wooden Poles and Adapter

Peavey octagonal 6 foot x 1-1/4 inch ash poles in two configurations. Peavey head poles (TE-011-072-T946) have a tapered upper end and the standard aluminum male ferrule on the bottom end. Peavey extension poles (TE-011-072-0947) have a male ferrule one end and the standard female leaf-spring and pin lock on the other end. Still manufactured in Eddington, Maine.

Choose a head pole and an extension pole to mount something like the Jameson PH11 or Porter-Ferguson pruner heads. Choose two extension poles and a Peavey adapter pole (TE-011-014-0961) to mount a pruner head and add a Jameson PS3FP pole saw head and blade for a combination pruner head plus saw package.

Warning: Use extreme caution when using long-reach tools around around electrical lines. Additonally, pole saw/pruner users should always wear the proper saftety equipment including eye protection and a hard hat to protect from falling branches. Always exercise good judgement when cutting anything above your head!!!