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3D Coyote

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3D Coyote

Quick Overview

Realistic 3D Coyote with fur tail that moves with the wind. Safe, humane, non-toxic and produces no objectionable sound. Made in USA.

Additional Information

Part No. 3D-COYOTE
Manufacturer Bird-X
Country of Manufacture United States
Availability Available


Moving Fur Tail Gives Lifelike Presence

This menacing predator replica sparks instinctual fear in geese, birds and other small animals. The "3D" decoy is visible from every angle, making it more effective than a traditional coyote silhouhette cardboard cutout. It can also be effective at much longer ranges than sound machines, since bird vision is generally strong and can spot predators at great distance.

  • Predator replica repels pest birds and other small animals
  • 3-dimensional structure and moving tail gives lifelike presence
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Relocate the unit regularly to increase effectiveness
  • Safe, humane, non-toxic and produces no objectionable sound
  • Unit dimensions: 37″ head-to-tail; 8″ at widest point; 16 in. tall
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Made in the USA

Note: Experts will tell you that successful bird deterrence usually requires developing a multi-pronged strategy. Birds will frequently acclimate to a single, unchanging deterrent. Mix things up. Employ visual and sonic deterrents together and be willing to take the time to adjust the position or types of deterrents used. Note too, that it is easier to discourage birds who have not begun to feed in or acclimate themselves to an area. Be ready with an effective response before they become a problem and you will have a greater chance of success.